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Heater prototype as a new selling

Release date: 2019-02-24 10:28:18  Click volume: 341
Spring Festival coincides with 28 years in a cold winter this year, Mr Yao wenzhou citizens worry about home old man cold, heard heater effective compact convenient, then to ivy bridge town defensibly PuNa road a supermarket, spent 158 yuan to buy a some brand lamp type heater is sales promotion, to filial piety family octogenarian hope can have a warm winter.
Although Mr Yao a filial piety, but the new heater was disappointing, just open heater, hearing 1 of "pa", a light tube was broken, and heater turns out "Zi Zi" voice. "New heater plug in it broke, what quality is this?" Mr. Yao immediately take the damaged heater went to the supermarket to return, but who know the supermarket for home heaters to ask Mr. Yao have enabled, damage liability and the outer packing is damaged, refused to return money.
This is to send the old man's "love", become inferior products, returns from the supermarket also side repeat push to take off, Mr Yao feel own money buying conditions, immediately call 12315 to maintain their legitimate rights and interests. Ivy bridge center after receiving complaints, lucheng industrial and commercial bureau is industrial organization law enforcement personnel rushed to the scene.
After investigation, the industrial and commercial execute the law personnel know heater after purchase and usage, damage of electric heater for the examination, the cause of heater tubes cannot use normally belongs to the aging result in tube damage. Facing the test results, the supermarket eventually admitted that the heater is a prototype, the problem should be caused many times trial heater tubes caused by aging.
"This heater original price 208 yuan, 158 yuan is the promotion price, it is not for a refund." Supermarket, head of the party, said only let Mr Yao put the money to buy other things. To this, supermarket of industrial and commercial execute the law personnel to party head on the consumers' rights and interests of the People's Republic of China protects a law "the provisions on promotional products, consumer rights and operator after duty, supermarket will eventually agree to return $158 purchase.

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