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The air heater is no longer a decoration of the classroom

Release date: 2019-07-11 10:30:30  Click volume: 611
Zhengzhou zhengzhou cadastral DE full school name by the late renowned writer wei wei personally inscribed, consists of a simple converted warehouses, more than 600 students are "Zheng Piao" children.
Last winter, Zhang Yang accidentally learned that all school of zhengzhou city, for many years, not a big problem to solve: school has all kinds of dozens of classes, students are more than 600, but the power load is a 100 square metre average household size, line or aluminium wire, each of the lighting condition is very bad only install two classes of fluorescent lamp, in spite of this, also often tripping, the social from all walks of life donated to the school air conditioning, electric radiator, electric heater is used. Principal he recalled all said: "each winter, children and teachers in classroom, cold hands are freezing, a school, hundreds of people per month electricity only 300 degrees."
Last winter, Zhang Yang and lei feng electric power emergency crew teammates spent nearly 5 days free time, under the premise of without affecting the children in class, will be the school all of the power supply circuit for replacement. All the teachers and students quickly see the effect, each class of fluorescent lamp increased from two to six, eight units air conditioning and electric heater is enabled, all parts installed 8 pieces of electric heating plate in the classroom, open, at any time, during last winter and this spring not only of the faculty and students of our school "warehouse" is finally out of the cold world. All he said: "now the school is big, electricity a month more than 2000 degrees."
Since mid-march, zhengzhou, the weather gradually hot, school will meet cooling power for the first time. In order to ensure that the use of air conditioning, Zhang Yang decided to leakage protector of the school by 60 Ann for 100 a. Ann's leakage protector need 200 yuan, 100 donations by Zhang Yang and players. Morning of March 18, Zhang Yang came to the school and teammates, smooth change of the leakage protector.

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